Episode 1: Cob

13:15 min – Mayne Island, Pender Island, Sunshine Coast, Southern Vancouver Island

Sculpted by hand from a mixture of clay, sand and straw, building houses out of cob is a full mind and body experience; one that requires patience. But these homes are worth the wait! In this episode, visit warm and welcoming homes that have a personal experience attached to every curve.

Episode 2: Timber

13:56 min – Gabriola Island, West Kootenays, Southern Vancouver Island

Building on ancient traditions, today's timber framers and selective loggers are forging a sustainable future. In this episode, discover how the harmonious relationship builders have with their environment can strengthen their appreciation for the materials they use.

Episode 3: Straw Bale

12:25 min – Pender Island

It seems counterintuitive that a framework packed with straw bales could create such a sturdy home. In fact, the straw acts as a natural vapour permeable insulation that allows these buildings to "breathe." In this episode, visit homes that could change the way we view contemporary home building.

Episode 4: Rammed Earth

10:28 min – West Kootenays, Salt Spring Island

A rammed earth wall is durable, energy efficient, and made from the most abundant material on the planet. In this episode, learn how builders and homeowners apply this ancient technique to create timeless contemporary homes.